About us

AllForWater LLC is a fast-growing production and trading company founded in 2009 in Russia. We supply companies by all the necessary products and materials for home and office delivery and bottling of drinking water. Every day we work with our regular customers, looking forward for cooperation, that will make their business a bit more comfortable.


Our purpose

Uninterrupted supply companies by most needed variety of quality products for HOD and bottling in necessary quantity, domestically and for export.


Our advantages


Our stocks are located in

Moscow, the Capital of our country, city, which is a starting point of a great variety of international logistic routes;

St-Petersburg, the  main port-city in our country, located close to Eastern Europe and Scandinavian countries;

Pskov, the town located in close neighborhood with Baltic countries.


We can offer quite competitive prices in our region, it means that export prices will be even more reasonable because the Ruble exchange rate today. In a period of world crisis there can’t be any “extra-economy”, all the cut costs should be welcomed.

3)Own production

Our company mastered production of preforms,caps,manual waterpumps,bottles, p/e bags and other product positions, which helps us to provide good quality and competetive prices to our customers.

4) Experience

Our company, besides the b2b direction, develops also the b2c department. Its main activity is a bottling and HOD, so we can control all comments of final consumers of water, listen to their opinions and improve our products according to it.

5) Rapid production and huge stocks

We can offer quite short period of time between order and shipment. Most popular products are always on-stock.

6) Export welcomed policy

Our company has an experience of working with customers in other countries, so we are ready to prepare all the documents and follow all the necessary procedures according to the law of the native country of a customer.

7) Personalization

You can choose you corporate color, for most of our products from plastic, order your personal box etc

8) Modern approach

Our managers speak Russian and English. Also we can involve translators to make our cooperation most comfortable to the customer. We are open to everything new and ready to go forward to the needs of our potential clients and future partners.


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