Manual water Pupm AFW Maxi and

Manual water Pupm AFW Maxi and "Standart" for bottle 19L (18,9 liter)

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Manual water Pupm AFW “Maxi” for bottle 19L (18,9 liter)

-Made in Ukraine

-Size: BIG for "MAXI" model / MEDIUM for "Standart" model

-Fitting:  screw clamp

-Easy to fit and use every day

-Always on stock

-Good form and quality

-100% recyclable and ecological

-made from high quality primary PE and PP

-standard color white-blue, other colors by the request

-all the certificates available


Packaging details:

-Personal package is a box of thick carton

-24 pcs in carton box for "Maxi" model and 30 pcs for "Standart" model

-1 box approximately 0,12 m3 and weights 13 kg



1 Pump costs: 

-MAXI 3,46 USD

-Standart 3,00 USD


Actual price can be clarified by the request



+7 921 941 04 41


We speak Russian and English

Our stocks are located in Russia (in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg).

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Manual water Pupm AFW Maxi and

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